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Denis O’Brien welcomes Supreme Court decision



Tuesday 17th July 2012: Denis O’Brien welcomes today’s Supreme Court decision allowing for the continuance of the damages claims being advanced by Persona and Mr Declan Ganley arising from their failed involvement in the second mobile phone licence competition process held in 1995.


Mr O’Brien is a Defendant in the claim being misleadingly referred to as “the Comcast Claim”.  However, that claim is not being supported by the Comcast Corporation.  Indeed, the sole Plaintiff in that action is Mr Declan Ganley suing in a personal capacity.  The consortium in which Mr Ganley was involved came last out of the six applicants in the licence competition process.  Persona is a limited liability company owned by Mr Tony Boyle and Mr Michael McGinley which exists only to pursue a damages action against the State. 


Mr O’Brien stated: “I have always believed that the appropriate forum in which to have these allegations against the licence process heard and adjudicated upon was the Courts and not the Tribunal of Inquiry; whose legal team was led by Persona’s former legal adviser.  I very much welcome the opportunity to vigorously defend these allegations in the High Court, where established rules of evidence and procedure will be properly followed and where hearsay, rumour and innuendo will have no place.”


“I am absolutely satisfied that these allegations being pursued by Persona and Mr Ganley will be demonstrated to be devoid of evidence and substance.”


Mr O’Brien will fully and vigorously defend all relevant allegations made in relation to the licence competition process.  Esat Digifone Limited won the second mobile phone licence competition process 17 years ago for the very simple reason that it submitted the best bid out of the six applicants.  That Esat Digifone submitted the best bid was the firm and unequivocal evidence given by every single civil servant involved in that licence process from two Government Departments; as well as the evidence given by Professor Michael Andersen of Andersen Management International; the leading Danish consultants who devised and conducted the licence competition process and who had previously been involved in some 120 such licence competition processes around the world. 


Mr O’Brien looks forward to the Irish State also vigorously defending these proceedings in order to maintain and protect the integrity and reputation of the Irish Civil Service and of the individual civil servants involved in conducting the licence competition process. 




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This site was first created by Mr. Denis O’Brien in June 2009  to help explain and expose the inner workings of the Moriarty Tribunal of Inquiry. The Moriarty Tribunal was established in September 1997 to inquire into alleged payments to the politicians Mr. Charles J. Haughey (deceased) and Mr. Michael Lowry T.D. The Tribunal was also mandated pursuant to its Terms of Reference to inquire into acts and decisions made by both of those politicians during their respective tenures in Public Office.


The Moriarty Tribunal issued its final report part two in March 2011.  This report largely dealt with the Tribunal’s inquiries relating to Mr. Michael Lowry T.D. and concluded the substantive work of the Moriarty Tribunal.  Mr. Denis O’Brien (and many others) have vehemently rejected many of the opinions as contained in the Tribunal’s final report.  These widespread rejections are based primarily on the fact that the Tribunal’s opinions did not reflect the actual sworn evidence given to the Tribunal over the past decade; rather these opinions slavishly followed the preferred theories advanced by the Tribunal and its legal team in relation to the matters inquired into.


This website seeks to address “the opinions” as issued in the Moriarty Tribunal’s final report part two.  Over the coming weeks and months, these opinions as expressed in the Tribunal’s report shall be considered and addressed.  The purpose of this site is to set out the facts; not opinion.  It seeks to set out the sworn evidence as given before the Tribunal in all relevant matters and compare and contrast this actual evidence to the theory, hearsay and supposition heavily favoured by the Moriarty Tribunal in its final report.


The final report of the Moriarty Tribunal into these matters represented the culmination of some ten years’ of work at the cost of tens of millions of Euro; most of which was lavished on fees paid to the Tribunal’s own team of multi-millionaire lawyers.  In excess of €33.5m was paid in legal fees alone to the Tribunal’s own team of lawyers.  This wesbite will, over the coming weeks and months, seek to address the matters raised in the Moriarty Tribunal’s report through the posting of regular updates and responses.


“2,348 pages, 14 years and a whole lot of idle gossip” – John Waters, Irish Times, 25 March 2011




March 22 201
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